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Antique Legacy Vertical Heart Pine

Vertical Grain– Elegant Pinstriped Graining that Creates Timeless Interiors

Specifications, Characteristics, and Milling

Specifications, Characteristics, and Milling

Widths: 3”-6”
Lengths: 2’-12’ for flooring; 3’-12’ for paneling (longer lengths by availability)
Heart content: 98-100% heart
Grades available:
Vertical pinstripes with occasional nail holes

  • Pinstriped grain pattern the length of each board, produced from the quartersawing process, 100 percent true vertical grain with no growth rings more than 45 degrees perpendicular to the face.
  • 98% to 100% Heart, at least 6 growth rings per inch, no knots over 1-1/2” with a few nail and bolt holes, all pitch pockets, knots etc. are sound and tight.
  • Can be ordered in ‘clear’ grade with only occasional ‘pin knots’, none over ½’
  • 1225 on the Janka hardness scale, equivalent to Red Oak.

From industrial revolution era warehouses, this antique wood has marks of time to prove the antique boards have already played a part in history.

Legacy Vertical tends to have some fewer knots than Select grade because it typically takes a larger beam and some additional sawing to produce it. Legacy in general has somewhat more frequent and slightly larger knots than River-Recovered because the majority of the clear wood on the outside of the log was cut away to make the industrial revolution era beam. Can be ordered as ‘clear’ grade, free of nail holes on face or no bolt holes, each for a premium.

Antique Legacy™ Vertical Heart Pine features a pinstriped grain, infrequent nail holes average about 15 per 100 square feet. Slight nail staining adds rustic charm that blends perfectly with the reclaimed antique heart wood.

With the same rich color and durability of our river-recovered® products, this building-reclaimed Vertical grain wood has 98 to 100 percent heart face, with 100 heart available.

Antique Legacy™ Vertical Heart Pine is building reclaimed.


  • Luminous, vibrant color…copper to burgundy tones
  • Pinstriped grain with 100% vertical grain pattern depending on width
  • 98 to 100 percent heartwood
  • At least 6 growth rings per inch
  • Somewhat more frequent and slightly larger knots (up to 1-1/2”) than river-recovered® wood
  • Average 15 nail holes per 100 square feet; slight staining
  • 1225 on the Janka scale comparable to red oak (1290) & 29 percent more stable


  • Flooring and paneling, widths from 2-1/4″ to 5-1/4” face or custom
  • Treads, laminated 11-1/4”
  • Lumber up to 2-1/2″ x 6″
  • Architectural millwork is full thickness, e.g., Crown: 3/4×5-1/2”


  • Flooring is ordered by the square foot and is trimmed to provide 100 percent usable material for the grade. Standard lengths are random from 2′ to 12′ and standard milling is tongue and groove in ‘flooring match’ with more wood above the tongue, a back relief pattern and a nail groove over the tongue to ease installation.
  • Paneling standard lengths are 3′ and longer. Milling is available in V-joint, single-bead or double-bead or custom.
  • Stair parts include handrails, treads, balusters, newels, newel caps, stringers and risers and come in many antique patterns as well as all standard ones.
  • Architectural millwork is full dimension and is based on the 8000 series patterns last published in 1925. Goodwin offers a complete line of mouldings including base, shoe, cover or scotia, crown, step, picture, panel, thresholds, quarter round, casings, rosettes, picture frame, reeded and more.
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