Longleaf: The Heart of Pine

Don’t forget to purchase tickets to see Longleaf: The Heart of Pine at the upcoming Cinema Verde Environmental Film Festival in Gainesville, Florida. We’re excited as our own “stars” George Goodwin and Jeffrey Forbes are featured in the documentary!!! Check out another trailer:

Longleaf: The Heart of Pine

Goodwin Company is excited to be featured in, Longleaf: The Heart of Pine, a documentary by Rex Jones. Our own George Goodwin and Jeffrey Forbes are prominently featured in the film!

The Sweet Sound of Heart Cypress

Dan Arrington, a Native American style flute maker who owns the business, Northern Lights…Southern Spirits, handcrafted two magnificent works of musical art with Goodwin’s River-Recovered® Heart Cypress:


The mouthpiece is spalted Maple and Zircote. The block (the part on the top held on using deer hide ties) is a free-form shape made using Redwood burl mounted on a spalted Maple/Zircote pedistal with a base of Easter Red Cedar. The inlay “dots” above and below the finger holes are Zircote and Myrtle.


The top two are the cypress flutes, while the slightly smaller one on the bottom was made using Tasmanian Blackwood (Australia). A yardstick is included to give a sense of size. In the land of Native American style flutes, these 1 1/4″ bore instruments are considered large.

Listen to Dan’s daughter playing the second River-Recovered Heart Cypress Flute – it sounds absolutely beautiful:

Dan will be vending his flutes at the Alligator Warrior Festival in O’Leno State Park in just a few weeks (http://www.alligatorfest.org/) where he will have an opportunity to put this work in front of truly gifted flute players.

Dan, you are a true artisan!  Thank you for sharing your elegant craft with us.

Walk on Diamonds!

How is this for color – check out our Wild Black Cherry hardwood, brushed and pigmented with grey and topped with a Diamond coating (second in hardness only to diamonds!)

We recently created this for a customer who wanted the grain and features of cherry, with exceptional durability and grey coloring. So, we created a special-formulated, custom coating to match the color they desired with a more resistant wear layer suited for a commercial floor. The small inset is the natural color of cherry so you can see the difference.


Whatever your style, we can create it.
Call us today – we like to help!

Pecky Cypress Pairs Perfectly with Distinct Wines

Hurray for Sarah and Chris Aschliman who have just opened the long anticipated Island Grove Winery Tasting House on state road 301 in beautiful Island Grove, Florida on the shores of Orange and Lochloosa lakes!  For several years, Island Grove Winery has been North Central Florida’s premier winemaker specializing in fine blueberry wines using the freshest blueberries grown on their own Florida farms.

In appointing the tasting house, Sarah and Chris turned to Goodwin Company in search of something that would help to dress it with some regional flare.  Ultimately, they chose to deck out the front of the long tasting counter/bar with Goodwin’s River-Recovered® Pecky Heart Cypress.  Hundreds of years ago Florida’s many lake fronts and river banks were populated with a noble fraternity of 100ft. tall and a thousand or more year old Bald Cypress (taxodium distichum) trees; the true giants of the Southeastern swamps.  The rich color, swirling grain and elliptical voids of the antique cypress pop off the counter front bordered by a bold white trim.  It is at one time elegant, relaxed and mysterious.

We think Sarah and Chris have done a wonderful job with the whole space.  Go visit them sometime soon and enjoy a glass of Sorta Sweet or Kinda Dry.  And look for Island Grove Winery Tasting House to host an official grand opening sometime early this fall.

Side note: After visiting the tasting house, turn left onto the Cross Creek road and visit the Marjorie Kinnian Rawlings State Historic Site in Cross Creek; as bucolic a place as you’ll ever stumble upon and a previous Goodwin Company client to boot.

Admiring the Work of a Craftsman Using Goodwin Wood

We recently caught up with Gainesville, Florida craftsman, Steve Kessler, in his shop on a hot & humid July morning.  Steve was finishing up a door project for some clients who are doing a large renovation in their Coconut Grove home in Miami, Florida.

These folks knew exactly what they wanted and commissioned Steve to build their eight doors out of old growth, virgin, bald cypress.  Steve, of course, turned to the Goodwin Company.  We supplied him with tightly grained, thousand-year-old, River-Recovered® Heart Cypress in both vertical and select grain (quarter sawn and plain sawn).

Steve’s doors came with a lot of specifications too.  Some louvers were called out as working while others were faux.  Some louvers had a double face while others had a single.  Steve even found a miller who could mold a single louver disguised as a trio and he used a terrific little joiner called a Festool Domino XL to marry the stiles and rails together.

We think the doors turned out great.  Nothing beats the natural beauty and durability of old growth heart cypress.  Architects like Frank Lloyd Wright and A. Hays Town specified it in nearly every residential project they designed.  And in the hands of an experienced professional like Mr. Kessler, it is always bound to shine.  To contact Steve for your next project call him at 352-214-6386.

Wouldn’t you just love some of these in your home?

Gentle Giant Update: The Transformation Begins…

Remember the “Gentle Giant” that was pulled from the Withlacoochee River last winter? Well, we’ve milled her and are using her for a big project. Here is how she looks now:

Any guesses as to what she is transforming into? Hint: Her new home will be at a National Historic Landmark.

Give us your best guess! We will reveal new photos when the project is complete.

The “Happy Days” of Goodwin’s Past

00399Do you remember when the shows Happy Days and Laverne & Shirley ruled television?  Around the same time during the 1970s, a young master carpenter by the name of George Goodwin was figuring out how to turn the most beautiful wood in the world into a unique product people would enjoy for centuries.  While Barry Manilow was writing “the songs that make the whole world sing”, George Goodwin was discovering his admiration for wood – and not just any wood – but wood recovered deep from river bottoms. The virgin quality, rich red patina and amazing grains of this “underwater” heart pine and cypress, as well as the rarity and historical significance, captivated George at first sight and soon became his life’s passion.

Wow, what a journey it has been!   Who would have thought that years later, George’s vision would lead to his flooring becoming some the most hightly coveted products among esteemed architects, designers, celebrities, and high-end homeowners.  Not to mention being honored with numerous awards, including ten National Wood Floor Association’s “Floor of the Year” accolades!


One of the gentleman who helped George build the sawmill drew what he titled, ‘Waiting to Happen’, 1979.


George operating the sawmill in 1990. He’s still the sawyer today, although Ax Men star Injun Joe Collins is in line to learn to run the band headsaw when time allows.


The first ‘molder’ was a 1926 Yates American planer/matcher with babbett bearings. George studied under an elderly Indian craftsman who taught him how to pour lead bearings to be able to make flooring in the mid-1980’s. The oilers dripped to lubricate them.

Through it all, George has remained very environmentally conscious.  Thus, he pioneered the dead head logging’ permit in Florida that protects the river habitat while allowing divers to recover the rare antique logs.  In 2000, George started researching engineered floor production.  By 2007, Goodwin had become the first reclaimed wood company in the United States to manufacture an engineered floor at home in America.  All other brands of engineered flooring were being produced by China at the time.

Family owned since 1976, Goodwin works with the entire design build team to give our clients what they want.  And, probably the most important aspect that distinguishes us from all competition is that we avoid unclear marketing claims. Our materials are carefully kiln dried, quality milled, have well-defined standard grades and are supported by our established technical expertise.

We’ve come a long way since Happy Days.  As we enter our 38th year in business, Goodwin is primed to grow through our customer centric focus.

  • We listen to our customers to learn exactly what they want in their reclaimed wood.
  • We provide education because we want people to make well-informed decisions.

We are excited to work with you in 2014.  Happy New Year!

A Conversation Piece…

Touching history is something we do everyday at Goodwin Company. From the axe hewn ends of a thousand year old bald cypress tree to the double cat face on a five hundred year old longleaf pine, it is never lost on us that our hands weren’t the first to handle these precious treasures; the once […]

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