Wood Flooring, Goodwin Company

Pre-finished and Distressing Options

From enhancing the look of the wood to making installation easier, clients choose pre-finished flooring for a variety of reasons. There are many options available with the most frequently ordered summarized for you below. Please note that having your flooring pre-finished will add about a week to your order.

UV Cured Polyurethane — More build for the appearance of a more finished floor

  • A longer cycle before maintenance is required.
  • Extremely durable scratch-resistant finish.
  • Maintenance requires a flooring professional.

UV Oil — Very low build for a natural appearance

  • The simplest to maintain finish with the ability for the owner to repair if desired.
  • Requires more frequent attention.
  • Can be repaired without a flooring professional.

Prefinished Wood: band sawn, brushed, sculptured hand scraped, foot worn hand scrapedPre-finishing cost is $3.25 for many finish choices including a stain. Other options are available including Water-based UV-cured polyurethane. Any finish is available in a wide array of stain colors.

Any of our woods, pre-finished or unfinished, can be further distressed. The four options here, from left to right, can be combined with other marks:

  • Band sawn
  • Brushed
  • Sculptured Hand Scraped
  • Foot Worn Hand Scraped

Distressing can include nail, worm, screw and chain marks in an esthetically pleasing pattern.