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Antique River-Recovered® Heart Pine

Richer patina and denser growth than other antique wood; full of pizzazz and luminous, vibrant copper to burgundy tones.
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River-Recovered Heart Pine Select

River-Recovered Heart Pine Vertical

River-Recovered Heart Pine Midnight

River-Recovered Heart Pine Curly

Antique Legacy Heart Pine

Historical–a legacy from years past–and one to leave for a lifetime and beyond. When industrial revolution era buildings need to come down, we reclaim the large timbers.
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Antique Legacy Heart Pine Select

Antique Legacy Heart Pine Vertical

Antique Legacy Heart Pine Character

Antique Legacy Heart Pine Naily

Antique River-Recovered® Heart Cypress

Feathery fine grained and tranquil. Commonly over 1,000 years old – Goodwin has recovered cypress logs up to 1,700 years old.
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Antique River-Recovered® Heart Cypress Select

Antique River-Recovered® Heart Cypress Vertical

Antique River-Recovered® Heart Cypress Midnight

Antique River-Recovered® Heart Cypress Pecky

Sustainable Wood

Sustainable Harvested Woods – Only Goodwin… Always Green.
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Wild Black Cherry

Antique Longleaf Pine

Old Florida Pine

Precision Engineered Wood Flooring

Made from the same recovered and sustainable woods as our signature solid wood lines.
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Classic Engineered

Vertical Engineered

Vintage Engineered



Wild Cherry