Wood Flooring, Goodwin Company

Antique River-Recovered® Heart Pine

Widths: 3”-10” (up to 12”, if available)
Lengths: 2’-12’ for flooring; 3’-12’ for paneling (longer lengths by availability)
Heart content: Varies by grades
Grades available:

Select Select Clear Vertical Vertical Clear Curly Midnight Character

A century ago 90 million acres of longleaf heart pine were clear-cut and transported down river to nearby sawmills. This wood was used to “build America” because it was hard, durable and beautiful. Today, Goodwin Heart Pine Company takes special care to retrieve, by hand, the lost logs to provide you with unparalleled hardwood flooring, stair parts and architectural millwork.

Goodwin antique heart pine is guaranteed to be at least 200 to 500 years old, which means it is 100% heartwood and has the highest level of hardness and durability.

Preserved by the cool river waters in its oxygen-free sanctuary, river-recovered® wood is harder and prettier than the wood from antique buildings or the young trees harvested for hardwood flooring today. As Los Angeles designer Peggy Gilder says, “It has an inner beauty and luster you can’t get with any other wood or any special finish.”

Our antique heart pine is valued by discriminating homeowners, designers, architects and builders who create contemporary and traditional homes and offices. Just as important, it has been used in historic restorations from Ernest Hemingway’s home in Key West to Camp David to This Old House’s showroom.