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Antique River-Recovered® Midnight Heart Pine

Midnight – Chocolate, Cherry Tones and Older Looking than other Antique Heart Pine

Specifications, Characteristics, and Milling

Specifications, Characteristics, and Milling

Widths: 3”-6” (limited availability of 10”)
Lengths: 2’-12’ for flooring; 3’-12’ for paneling
Heart content: 95% heart face
Grades available:
Mixture of mostly arching grain with some vertical pinstripes

  • Arching grain in rich, varied colors ranging from tans to darker chocolate tones. Midnight is darker and less “red” than other River Recovered® Heart Pine grades, knots up to 1-1/2” and at least 95% heart wood.
  • Standard sizes are ¾ by 2-1/2”, 3-1/4”, 5-1/4”

River-Recovered Heart Pine is the same quality that was last available to your grandparents or great grandparents. Because we have the whole logs we can provide wider widths and longer lengths.

Most of the river recovered logs have ax cut ends. These were the first logs to be cut closest to the river banks. When the steam engine arrived down South in the mid-1880s men switched from axes to two man cross cut saws to cut the trees faster .

Many river logs have ‘cat faces’ or marks where the tree was scraped to collect oleoresin for making turpentine. This often caused the tree to bulk up in resin content making even harder more durable wood.

Goodwin’s original Midnight Heart Pine stock came from the mysterious waters of the Savannah River. When General Oglethorpe laid out the port town of Savannah, Georgia in the early 1700s, antique heart pine and heart cypress were perfect for dock pilings. These woods withstood the elements and became the principal building materials for the entire town, as well as many other river port towns throughout the South.

Although increasingly rare, Midnight Heart Pine remains one of our more popular grades, and we continue to locate and retrieve materials worthy of the Midnight distinction. Its rich and varied colors generally range from tans to darker chocolate tones, darker and less “red” than other River Recovered® products and averaging 95% heart wood.


  • Deep, rich color variation with tan to chocolate tones
  • 95 percent heartface
  • At least 8 growth rings per inch
  • No knots over 1-1/2″
  • 1225 on the Janka scale comparable to red oak (1290) & 29 percent more stable


  • Floor and paneling, widths from 2-1/4″ to 5-1/4″ face with limited supplies of 7″ face or custom
  • Treads, laminated 11-1/4″
  • Lumber up to 2″ x 6″ (not all dimensions are available all of the time due to the extreme rarity of the grade)
  • Architectural Millwork is full thickness, e.g., Crown: 3/4×5-1/2


  • Flooring is ordered by the square foot and is trimmed to provide 100 percent usable material for the grade. Standard lengths are random from 1′ – 9′ and standard milling is tongue and groove in ‘flooring match’ with more wood above the tongue, a back relief pattern and a nail groove over the tongue to ease installation.
  • Paneling standard lengths are 3′ and longer and milling is available in V-joint, Single-bead, Double-bead or custom.
  • Stair parts include handrail, treads, balusters, newels, newel caps, stringers and risers and come in many antique patterns as well as all standard ones.
  • Architectural millwork is full dimension and is based on the 8000 series patterns last published in 1925. Goodwin offers a complete line of mouldings including base, shoe, cover or scotia, crown, step, picture, panel, thresholds, quarter round, casings, rosettes, picture frame, reeded and more.
  • Custom milling patterns and specific lengths are available for an additional cost.
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