A Day in My Life with George Goodwin 2

A Day in My Life with George Goodwin

George Goodwin Picking Blueberries in our yard

Here is George picking blueberries in our front yard last evening.

Twenty years ago, I was working at the local teaching hospital (the bank doesn’t loan money to pull logs off the river bottom, LOL!). The elevator broke down for an hour, so, needless to say, I was stuck.  Fortunately, I had a copy of the book, When Mama Makes Up Her Mind and Other Dangers of Southern Living to read while waiting. I got lost in each page, hanging on every word as I read about when Bailey White had the flu as a little girl and her Mama packed baby turkeys around her to keep them warm after they had lost their mother.

When I got home that night, George and I were walking over to his parent’s house on our property when I noticed dark shapes in the dog kennel, which were up on stakes. Confused, and a little scared, I pointed it out to George. He quietly said, “Shhhh, those are pregnant wild turkeys. I traded an old-timer some sawing services.”

It turned out the former property owner had rounded up all the wild Florida turkeys in our area. George wanted to restore as many as he could. So, today, thanks to George, we might have 30 or 40 wild Florida turkeys in our front yard at any one time. :-)

Carol Goodwin