Cinema Verde Screening of, Longleaf…the Heart of Pine

Last night, George and I had the opportunity to screen the documentary, ‘Longleaf… the Heart of Pine’ at the Cinema Verde Film Festival in Gainesville, Florida. The movie was especially exciting for us because George was one of the stars. His passion for preservation and the history of majestic woods was not only displayed in the film, but also as he watched.  I was moved seeing his eyes tear up more than once as the story of clear-cutting longleaf pine was being told.

The movie was directed by Rex Jones on behalf of The Southern Documentary Project. Our own Jeffrey Forbes was also featured.  One of my favorite excerpts from the documentary is when Jeffrey explained how, “those Northern lumber interest looked to the South and the Southern forest to build that new economy.”

Rex Jones did an outstanding job directing the piece.  It seemed even those in the audience who were not necessarily longleaf pine or reclaimed wood enthusiasts found the movie to be very interesting and engaging!  Great job, Rex!!

Here is a short clip featuring Goodwin’s marketing coordinator, Jeffrey Forbes

Interested in learning more about the film?


Oh, and by the way, Goodwin presented Architectural and Design Uses of Reclaimed Woods at MiaGreen last week. It was quite the trip down memory lane… more on my South Florida trip in a later blog.