It was heartwarming to be in Washington, DC with so many small business owners soaking up the insightful information US Chamber had to offer. The Chamber’s support was so generous and strong for small business, it was almost overwhelming. While we all can attest to the advocacy and benefits of our local Chambers of Commerce, it is also refreshing to know there is one unified, national Chamber helping lead and guide the way for all businesses.

I so enjoyed Colin Powell, our keynote speaker. We are so accustomed to seeing his serious side, I would never have known he was so entertaining! I was telling the security guard how impressed I was with his presentation and he replied, “I know. I worked with him during the War and I got to hear a lot of his speeches.” Thank you, Mr. Powell, for your generous service to our country and all your continued contributions to help ensure the United States remains the greatest country in the world.

1-348Everyone at Goodwin Company would like to extend a great big THANK YOU to the Chamber for all the encouragement and knowledge we received last week. Here I am, beaming with pride, as I accept our award from the President and CEO of the US Chamber, Tom Donohue.

And to our wonderful team here at Goodwin…George and I want to personally thank you, most of all, for making this award and our great business possible. A Team… People who Cheer Each Other On… Cheers to the men and women at Goodwin Company – Fine Antique Wood Since 1976. I know our clients thank you as well for all you do to provide the high quality products they want and deserve.