Make it Green: Wood is the Natural Green Building Choice

There has been plenty of debate recently about what exactly is the greenest material that can be utilized within the construction industry. Naturally (no pun intended), wood is a prime candidate when it comes to contenders for this coveted spot. There are plenty of reasons that wood has been highlighted as one of the main competitors for this particular crown. Not only can it be a renewable resource, but it also actively removes carbon dioxide from the atmosphere; which can be useful in counteracting the ever-accumulating greenhouse gases which serve to threaten the environment. Read Full Article (via) :

So Which Trees are Green?

Did you know that only 8% of the world’s remaining rainforest is protected under international law.

Why Green Building Can’t Wait

Rainforest is losing “Forest”

The British newspaper, The Independent has published The good wood guide: Eco-friendly options for furnishing your home. Here you can find out just what environmental impact the timbering of various popular trees. For instance, not many people know that teak and mahogony are two of the world’s most endangered species of trees.

A lot of press has been generated for what have been called “Blood Diamonds”, but did you know there are also Blood Trees?  Buying unprotected timber, first of all  destroys primary, unreplacable forests. Logging of these trees in developing nations has been linked to  financing groups guilty of human rights abuses, encouraging the hunting of endangered species and destruction of their habitats, as well as threatening the survival of indigenous tribes.