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Antique heart pine does not come from standing trees. All of the few remaining original-growth trees—trees old enough to produce mostly heartwood—are protected, as they should be. Thus, the process to locate and mill this limited treasure requires more labor and time.

Prices vary widely depending on the grade and may range from less than $5 to more than $20 per square foot.

Step 1: Discovery— Whether old buildings are dismantled or logs are raised from river bottoms, a great deal of effort is expended to save this wood. Wood reclaimed from old buildings and docks must first be located and judged to determine its quality.

To find logs in rivers requires a diver to swim along murky river bottoms and raise each log by hand so there is no disturbance to the riverbed environment. The divers are required to hold special permits, take specific river habitat protection training and pass surprise inspections. Goodwin has been fortunate enough to work with the same divers for more than 20 years.

Step 2: Sawing—Each log is fed through the saw to become lumber of varying dimensions. Because the log may be several hundred years old, it is critical to carefully render the highest quality timber possible and to keep waste to a minimum.

Step 3: Air Drying—The lumber is then air dried for weeks or months depending on the thickness. Careful air-drying allows the wood to release excess moisture in a natural manner. This step is critical to ensure the wood is not dried too quickly, which can result in large cracks and checks.

Step 4: Kiln Drying—The lumber is placed inside a huge kiln for 7 to 14 days, again depending on thickness of the wood. The proper moisture content is critical so that the flooring will acclimate correctly to your project setting.

Step 5: Milling—This is the careful process of turning lumber into flooring, paneling and other fine wood products. Milling procedures include multi-step defect removal, providing intricate mouldings or very smooth surfaces as needed for your project.

Step 6: Sorting and Grading—Sorting and grading is the point where the professionals stand apart from the amateurs. True sorting and grading begins immediately after sawing the logs and occurs again multiple times throughout all other processes to ensure only the finest product makes it into your project. Goodwin uses a multi-step procedure to eliminate costly waste and ensure the products you receive are 100% usable.

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“Goodwin’s wood has an amazing luster you can’t get with a finish. It comes with an inner beauty that shines through and can’t be reproduced. I love Goodwin’s quality and look.”

— Peggy Gilder, Interior Designer, Pacific Palisades, CA



“This wood has incredible durability and beauty..”

Don Bollinger, Author of Hardwood Floors: Laying, Sanding & Finishing, Board of Directors of Wood Floor Guild, President, Oak Floors of Green Bay



““This product takes a finish beautifully.”

Ulf Statmoal, Chemist for Loba Finish

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