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The Goodwin Company are Curly Heart Pine Experts

Curly Heart Pine Experts. Often the Goodwin Company is called on for our wood identification expertise. At the end of October, Judi H. reached out to us about identifying the wood on this beautifully crafted desk. Judi said, “I’m reaching out to you as the only people I can find who seem to know what curly heart pine looks like… Not even the specialty lumber yards up here know what it is.” She was told by the previous owner that this was burly quilted maple. We were able to confirm to Judi that this was indeed a Curly Heart Pine desk.

One of the first things we ask potential clients is for them to send us a photo of their existing wood. In these photos, we look for grain patterns, width, length, color, et cetera. We have used this process for countless projects in order to seamlessly match existing wood or to keep the original design intact. We are curly heart pine experts and experts in heart pine and heart cypress identification. Give us a call today or better yet send us a photo for help with your antique wood identification needs.

The Goodwin Company are Curly Heart Pine ExpertsThe Goodwin Company are Curly Heart Pine Experts

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