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Heart Cypress, the Ancient Beauty

And, Character Cypress Does Have Unique Character…

Goodwin has recovered Cypress logs over 1700 years old. These ancient beauties are one of only a few prehistoric species that still remain! River-Recovered® Heart Cypress is commonly used in paneling. It derived from old-growth Bald Cypress trees, and features a subtle, graceful, swirling grain with a blend of vertical and feathery patterns. Its coloring spans from warm honey, to cinnamon tan to light chocolate tones. Heart Cypress can be stained for those who prefer a more consistent color. It is 100% heart and can have up to 80 growth rings per inch! When alive, these trees towered over 100 feet, making them the true “giants” of southeastern swamps. Heart Cypress is a favorite wood of Frank Lloyd Wright.

Heart Cypress – Character (commonly referred to as Character Cypress) is perfect for paneling, ceilings, trim and any place you desire subtle ancient beauty. Character Cypress retains all of the qualities of Heart Cypress, but can have some primitive slight pecky, machine defects, and face checks/cracks and some larger knots.  Although Character Cypress tends to be used as more of an “accent”, we have created some beautiful spaces with the “character” grade. Goodwin has customers who appreciate the uniqueness of this wood and ancient markings left from a millennium or more of weather. So, if you are looking for a unique showpiece, with rich history and lots of stories behind it, then do consider Character Cypress!

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Connecting with Clients Who Love Reclaimed Wood

Green building is about reclaimed wood flooring and using reclaimed materials. See this beautiful River Recovered Antique Heart Pine reclaimed wood floor in this restored Key West home.

The owner noted that he chose Goodwin because he felt that we cared more about what he wanted than ‘just selling a floor.’

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Best Reclaimed Wood Floor of the Year
Goodwin’s wood won again! DM Hardwoods created the winning entry for the National Wood Flooring Association 2010 Contest using River Recovered Antique Heart Pine from Goodwin. Here’s a photo of last year’s winner in the same category. More photos to follow as soon as they become available.