Flowers Underfoot!

Carpet of Flowers WikimediaThis awe-inspiring creation is called the Carpet of Flowers – each year, thousands gather at the Grand-Place in Brussels to catch a glimpse of an amazing feat of artistry and ingenuity. Production of the carpet, which is comprised of approximately 750,000 flowers, begins one-year in advance with projects and scale models. The actual number of flowers and color combinations are then calculated, and an outline is drawn on the ground.  Then, the assembly begins.  Believe it or not, over 100 experienced gardeners work in sync to produce this enormous floral masterpiece in around fours short hours!  The flowers are packed so tightly together they actually create their own microclimate and are virtually wind-resistant.  I hope to one day have the opportunity to experience this exciting gathering and view this incredible creation.

For flower lovers everywhere, we would like to share this lovely rose inlay, created from Goodwin River-Recovered® heart pine and other sustainable woods, it is a favorite!
Rose Inlay