Try Your Hand at Parquet Ancien! 2

Try Your Hand at Parquet Ancien!

contestGoodwin Company is sponsoring a unique contest on behalf of one of our valued clients, Peggy Gilder of Fire Island, New York (formerly of Los Angeles, CA). She is looking for a unique Parquet Ancien design for her home. She describes the beauty, feel and alluring qualities of the wood:

Pine is synonymous with the texture of relaxation. It invites the unraveling of responsibility. It takes care of itself and it ages beautifully.”
Peggy Gilder

So, would you like to try your hand at Parquet Ancien design? We will select the top three custom designs and provide the winners with a panel of their creation. Our client will then select the final winner. You do not have to be a professional designer to enter.

Need more information about Parquet Ancien? Google these terms to see some neat examples: Parquet Ancien, Ancien Parquet, Parquet Ancienne, Ancienne Parquet. We’ve also included some photos of our own work below.

Scan and e-mail your designs, along with your name, e-mail address and telephone number to: