When Holidays Meant Waxing Mom’s Hardwood Floors…Ugh!

(The Right Finish Can Save Lots of Headaches!)
Waxing Mom’s hardwood floors seemed like an arduous chore when I was ten years old. She must have agreed because she soon carpeted the majority of the house. Several years ago, George and I created a line of antique furniture and decided to use an oil and wax finish to keep period appropriate. However, it, too, took maintenance.

Recently, my daughter decided to add a heart cypress table to her families beautiful home.  Goodwin had begun to use penetrating hardening oils that look fabulous on antique wood and require very little maintenance. So, we used the same penetrating oil finish on her table. It gives a very natural, matte finish with little upkeep required.

Goodwin is currently working with a number of restaurant chains which desire reclaimed wood flooring to enhance their atmosphere. Of course, restaurants experience a significant amount of foot traffic. We are finding penetrating oil finishes are perfect for commercial spaces because they are very easy to maintain with some regular cleaning and a little buffing.

So, are you looking for an easy to maintain finish which allows your floor to maintain its original splendor and beauty? Contact one of Goodwin’s experts and we will be happy to help you make the best choice to suit your needs.  We will even send you our informational handout, “Which Onsite Finish Should You Use on Reclaimed Wood?”

It’s amazing how the proper choice of finish can significantly minimize the labor involved in maintaining your beautiful, sustainable reclaimed wood floor!