Grain: Arching grain with pinstripes along the edges of most boards
Knots: Few knots, none over 1¼”
Colors: Luminous, vibrant color, copper to burgundy tones
Heart: 100% heart face
Hardness: 1225 on the Janka scale; comparable to red oak (1290) & 29% more stable


Width: ¾” x 2½”, 3¼”, 5¼”, 7″, 9″
Length: Flooring: 2’–12’, Paneling: 3’–12′
Kiln Dried: Yes to 6-8% moisture content. Test moisture content for jobsite region
Finishing: Our standard wood floor is unfinished. Prefinishing with a micro bevel can be added. UV oil finish available.

Made in the USA

Goodwin Antique River-Recovered® Heart Pine

100% Heart Wood is the Highest Level of Durability

River-Recovered® Heart Pine is the same quality that was last available to your grandparents. These logs were lost by sawyers along the river banks in the 1700s and 1800s. Preserved by the cool river waters for centuries, these logs are recovered from Florida rivers and then handcrafted by George Goodwin and his team into our signature wood flooring, walls, and ceilings.

Grade: Select

  • Select Grain Displays Cathedral Arches with Graceful Grain Movement
  • Antique River-Recovered® Select Heart Pine features a cathedral arching grain with a border of vertical pinstripe grain
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