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Wild Cherry Wide Plank Wood Flooring
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River-Recovered Heart Cypress

River-Recovered® Heart Cypress

Legacy ™ Vertical Heart Pine – A Coastal Appeal

River-Recovered® Heart Pine

Legacy Heart Pine Character

Antique Legacy Heart Pine

Wild Black Cherry


Goodwin Reclaimed Woods
What Are My Choices?

Sources and Species

(The above photos represent just a few of many grade choices.)

  • River-Recovered® antique wood is available in Heart Pine and Heart Cypress. Logged in the 1800’s, this wood has been perfectly preserved in the river habitat for more than 130 years.
  • Legacy (building reclaimed) Heart Pine comes from industrial revolution era warehouse beams that offer more ‘green building’ credits, and a heritage of American history.
  • Sustainably harvested wood is rescued after lightning damage, ecosystem burns or other impacts on the environment. Available species include: Antique Longleaf , Old Florida Heart Pine, Wild Black Cherry.

Solid or Engineered Product

Goodwin flooring and paneling is available in two forms:

  • Solid wood flooring or paneling is produced from an antique log or beam in standard widths from 2-1/2” to 9” and is generally nailed to the support surface.
  • Engineered flooring or paneling is produced with an equivalent wear layer to our solid wood and glued to a backer in standard widths of 3-1/4”, 5-1/4” or 7”. The advantages are that it can be glued to concrete and wider widths are generally a lower cost.

Design Styles

  • Vertical features a pinstriped grain pattern, providing a contemporary or more formal appearance with few knots. Clear grades are even more rare and available for a premium.
  • Select features an arching grain pattern, providing a more traditional or casual appearance with some knots. Clear grades are even more rare and available for a premium.
  • Character provides a more rustic, warm and cozy appearance with a mix of grain patterns and a wide range of natural characteristics.

Factory Finished or Unfinished

  • Unfinished wood flooring and paneling is precisely milled; however, requires onsite sanding and finishing after installation.
  • Goodwin factory finished wood is ready to use when it is installed. It is finished with zero to very low volatile organic chemicals that are brushed or rolled into the wood for maximum penetration. Finishes are available in several styles as well as natural, standard and custom colors:
    • Diamond (one of the highest wear resistance on the market) in low, medium or high sheen
    • Oil presents the most natural look possible to show the wood the best
    • Natural or any custom color unique to you
    • Smooth, wired or ‘rough’ textures