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What Professionals Have to Say

“Goodwin’s wood has an amazing luster you can’t get with a finish. It comes with an inner beauty that shines through and can’t be reproduced. I love Goodwin’s quality and look.”

“This is some of the most beautiful wood you will ever work with.”

“This product takes a finish beautifully.”

“This wood has incredible durability and beauty.”

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“I’ve tried the newer heart pine from other companies and it doesn’t even come close to your reclaimed heart pine.”

“I bought a heart pine floor that I thought was a bargain. There was almost 50% waste and the added expense of installation more than exceeded any savings. Bottom line… not all bargains are bargains.”

“A homeowner bought his own wood floor and it was a challenge. Now I charge 3 times as much to install unless it’s from Goodwin.”

“I told the builder I could satisfy the owner with heart pine from Goodwin after they refused the floor he bought. He had to admit I was right.”

“My helper is getting tired of me exclaiming ‘look at this one’ as I cut the wood. I consider myself extremely lucky to be working with such beautiful wood and I’m sure my clients will appreciate the final product.”

“As soon as the neighbors saw my client’s kitchen, office and pantry in antique heart cypress, they decided to put a Goodwin floor in their home. Now I am installing it for them. It’s been a dream working with such beautiful and unique wood.”

“The Menil project is now complete and it turned out great. I owe George, Carol and Charlotte a long letter of appreciation. It is not often that a job runs as sweet as this one.”

Goodwin was a critical component of the project, identifying various woods to ensure an accurate restoration. In my 50 plus years of experience, I have never worked with a supplier that brought the total commitment to service, quality, accuracy, the environment, and the budget that Goodwin Company brought to this project.

I take great pleasure in watching visitors arrive at Naples Botanical Garden and marvel at the beauty of the Goodwin’s River-Recovered® Heart Cypress that we used for siding the buildings. Using this wood is a real win-win-win for us, as through the wood we can tell the story of the forests of Florida – it will last a lifetime or more – and most importantly was salvaged, an important consideration in this LEED Gold project. On top of that the folks at Goodwin are a pleasure to work with.

The natural beauty of Goodwin’s River-Recovered® and building reclaimed heart pine wood is unsurpassed. It brings the natural environment of North Central Florida into the home and contributes to the unique character and overall warmth of the interiors. We were pleased to find a local source that not only custom milled to our specifications, but worked alongside us from design through construction completion.