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Factory Finishes – Formulated Exclusively For Goodwin

Traditional colors

Natural, Black, Brown, Red, White

Custom colors

You name it, we will create it!


Smooth, Wire Brushed or Rough Surface

Goodwin’s factory finished River-Recovered® and reclaimed wood flooring and paneling feature the same quality antique wood as our traditional lines. Each floor is handcrafted and ready to install. Choose custom colors and textures to create a unique look for your home or office. All products are pre-finished with proprietary coatings formulated exclusively for Goodwin.

Benefits of Factory Finished Wood:

  • Saves time and money on site

  • No hazardous air pollutants

  • Environmentally friendly; zero to low VOCs

  • Perfect for children and pets

  • Durable and designed to stand the test of time

UV Oil Finish

UV Oil makes the colors and grain in the wood “pop”, thus displaying the most natural appearance.


UV Oil features the lowest gloss /sheen on the market. It is less resistant to scratches and wear and does require a little more care. UV Oil finished products can be easily spot coated with a proper maintenance product.

Diamond Finish

High scratch resistance and higher build than oils (Thick coating on the wood) = more wear layer. The Primer for this coating is specifically formulated to adhere to resinous River Recovered® Heart Pine and features enhanced ‘flexibility’ when compared to other UV Acrylated Epoxy Polyesters, as described in ‘Selecting a Finish System’ by the Architectural Woodworking Institute.


Low Gloss: Shows more of the wood and less of the imperfections that naturally occur over time; recommended for pine.

Medium Gloss: The imperfections that naturally occur over time will show more than with low gloss.

High Gloss: This finish will show all imperfections that occur over time; not recommended for pine.

Custom Colors and Textures

Goodwin can create any custom color to suit your preference. Colors will appear slightly different from one board to another due to wood features, which adds more character. Popular custom colors include an aqua blue for a showroom floor, light purple for a child’s bedroom and misty grey for a modern living space.

Each floor features your choice of three textures: smooth surface, wire brushed or rough for a rustic appearance.

Reference: “Selecting a Finish System” by the Architectural Woodworking Institute.

What Matters Most…

Wood floor finishes are complex chemicals that should be applied by a professional who works with them on a regular basis. Each brand has different application rates, drying times and maintenance recommendations. On this page, we explain the basics and provide some references. What matters most when having your floors finished on site is the level of experience your professional has with the finish you choose.

Q & A

True Oil Finish vs. Polyurethane ~ Explained by the Experts

Experience Leads to Different Conclusions Depending on Your Finish Goals

According to Classic Floor Designs in Washington DC, “we put on four coats of ‘tungoil’ and buff it in.”

What is ‘tungoil?  Howard Brickman of Brickman Consulting says it is Waterlox, “a varnish with tung oil in it.”

Brickman prefers the oil finish. “Polyurethane looks best the day it’s applied but oil looks better every year if you are willing to touch it up and buff as needed.”

When asked about ‘penetrating hardening oils’ such as Bona Wood Oil, Rubio MONOCOAT or WOCA, Marc Lefkowitz of Classic Floor Designs says, “each has their selling points. Waterlox is a satin sheen that can be made to shine some more with thin coats and extra buffing. If the traffic isn’t real heavy it’s fairly easy to touch up. MONOCOAT, WOCA and BonaOil are easier for the homeowner to repair scratches. All are filling the grain and putting some finish in the wood, not on top. These are ‘low’ and not ‘no’ maintenance finishes with low sheen levels”

Dan Petersen, Heritage Wood Finish Company, sums it up like this:

“The finish of the future is zero to very low Volatile Organic Compounds that are factory finished to eliminate any chemicals in your home. Our exclusively formulated custom finishes for Goodwin’s wood come in a variety of textures and colors. We offer a Diamond finish that is second in hardness only to diamonds, has an elevated scratch resistance and higher build than oils, giving more wear layer. The primer we use is specifically formulated to adhere to the very resinous River-Recovered® Heart Pine. We also offer UV Oil that makes the colors and grain in the wood pop. The UV Oil offers the lowest sheen on the market. While less resistant to scratches it can be easily spot coated with a proper maintenance product.”

For those who want polyurethane, its low maintenance features mean only needing to clean it until it’s time to call the professionals to ‘screen’ and recoat. Water-based polyurethanes give a clear finish, have low odor and can be re-coated multiple times. Oil-based polyurethanes leave an amber glow, but have a much longer wait time between coats. Remember, polyurethane is a chemical, not a brand name. These finishes take more time and money when completed on site.

Micro-beveling is required for factory finishes.  Goodwin’s micro-bevel starts at twenty thousandths of an inch and is less after sanding and finishing. The tongue and groove help maintain alignment of the board ends. This stabilizing effect combined with the better strength properties of the end grain of the boards minimizes the need to bevel the ends.
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Otis Hawkins Center at University of Florida
River-Recovered Heart Pine Select 3-1/4″ and Diamond 7

Private Residence
Vintage PE 7″ with Diamond 7

Private Residence
Vintage Precision Engineered wall and the River-Recovered Heart Cypress cabinet with UV Oil

Amalie Arena
River-Recovered Heart Cypress Vertical and Character with Diamond 7

Tampa AIA Office
River-Recovered Classic PE 5-1/4″ with Diamond 7