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The Goodwin Difference

Goodwin is the building design industry’s trusted resource for fine River-Recovered® and building reclaimed antique wood. Goodwin River-Recovered® wood has more growth rings per inch than standing wood today.

  • Guaranteed to be virgin growth and of U.S. origin
  • Handcrafted to suit each customer’s need with custom solutions available
  • Highest precision grading standards and kiln drying for durability and long lasting value
Goodwin Difference Ax Cut Ends

What makes Goodwin stand out among the rest?

The Wood Our River-Recovered® Heart Pine and Cypress has more growth rings per inch than standing wood today. Goodwin wood is guaranteed to be virgin growth and of U.S. origin from trees 200 to 1,000 plus years old that have been preserved in southern river beds for up to 150 years. Our Legacy Heart Pine is rescued mainly from old industrial buildings.

Goodwin Difference Quality Teamwork

Award-Winning Antique Wood Flooring from Florida’s Depths

The Process – Goodwin is one of the few companies that abides by the strict grading standards set for virgin growth longleaf pine. Each log or beam is personally selected and cut by George Goodwin, master carpenter and founder of the company.

The Goodwin Difference

Made in the USA

The Company – Oldest family owned and operated reclaimed wood company. First reclaimed wood company to make engineered flooring in the U.S. Orders handcrafted to suit each customer’s need. Custom solutions available.

The Goodwin Difference

George Goodwin Story

In the 1970’s George Goodwin, a master carpenter and homebuilder, was handpicking the finest materials to build his own dream home. He acquired some longleaf pine logs a fisherman friend recovered from the Suwannee River and the rest is history.

George Goodwin Sawyer 1970s

The Wood that Stands the Test of Time

The Heritage – Goodwin floors, walls and ceilings are found in fine homes and notable buildings including: Independence Hall in Philadelphia, the Lexus Lounge at Amalie Arena in Tampa, The Edge at the University of South Florida in St. Petersburg, the Queen and Crescent Hotel in New Orleans, and the Texas Governor’s Mansion in Austin.

The Goodwin Difference



Our River-Recovered® Heart Pine is 100% Heart Wood

Sawyers along the river banks lost these logs back in the 1700s and 1800s. Preserved by the cool river waters in an oxygen-free sanctuary for centuries,

George Goodwin and his team recover the logs from Florida rivers and turn them into our signature flooring. Highly popular, this is the beautiful, durable wood that built America. Original antique heart pine flooring can be found in historic buildings such as Washington’s Mount Vernon home and Jefferson’s Monticello.

Goodwin’s Heart Pine is guaranteed to be 200 to 500 years old, which means it is 100% heart wood, has the highest level of hardness and is the same quality that was last available to your grandparents.


Our River-Recovered® Heart Cypress is commonly over 1,000 years old.

Heart Cypress is one of only a few remaining prehistoric species. Logged 150+ years ago and presumed lost, these original-growth Bald Cypress trees commonly lived to be 1,000 to 1,500 years old. They were true giants of the southeastern swamps, towering over 100 feet. Uniquely fine grained our River-Recovered® Heart Cypress often has 80 growth rings per inch. It adds grace and charm as paneling, trim, fireplace surrounds, mantles, whole slab tabletops, exterior projects and some flooring.  It was a favorite wood of architect Frank Lloyd Wright.


Building Reclaimed Wood from the Industrial Era

This magnificent antique wood had marks of time to prove the boards have already played a significant part in our country’s rich history. Legacy has somewhat more frequent and slightly larger knots than River-Recovered®. These coveted features occurred because the majority of the clear wood on the outside of the log was cut away to produce the legendary industrial revolution beam.


A Sustainable Difference

Goodwin connects with foresters and property managers throughout the Americas to provide beautiful wood that has been rescued or sustainably harvested. From old-growth trees felled during storms to wood rescued from properties and backyards, Goodwin is breathing new life into beautiful antique wood that otherwise would either be destroyed or sold for pennies on the dollar to mills not practicing sustainable or lean manufacturing.

Precision Engineered

Looks and Lasts Like Solid Wood

Goodwin Company’s precision engineered (PE) wood flooring is made from the same River-Recovered® and sustainable logs as our solid wood lines. Coated with high-quality, environmentally friendly products, PE wood flooring maintains a stunning finish for years to come.

Goodwin Difference Warehouse

Our Heart Pine Floors are 100% Heartwood

Goodwin’s “truth in marketing” philosophy ensures you are buying the most durable, beautiful Heartwood in the world. Grades with 50% sapwood may still be called “Heart Pine”, but only Goodwin can back the claim of offering wood which is truly “All Heart”.

Goodwin Difference George and Carol

The Industry Gold Standard

The last published industry standards require at least six (6) growth rings per inch. Goodwin’s precision grading standards allow us to offer premium grades with eight (8) or more growth rings per inch.

Compare a Goodwin product against any other finished wood in the world and you will clearly see why Goodwin is the industry gold standard.

Goodwin’s Environmental Mission

We are the pioneers of River-Recovered® wood, diving deep into rivers and surfacing centuries old logs lost long ago. We also connect with foresters and property managers throughout the country to rescue and sustainably harvest woods which we later use to manufacture our beautiful wood flooring and products.

Doe Near River-Recovered Logs

Satisfaction Guaranteed

If we don’t meet your specifications as agreed upon prior to shipment, we will refund all or part of standard stock, unaltered materials for up to 30 days after its arrival and before installation. No refunds will be given for custom orders.

Goodwin Provides a Lifetime Investment