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Testimonials from Customers

“Goodwin Company treated me extremely well. They educated me on all of the various grades and types of flooring as I changed my mind numerous times about what would be best in my house. Because of their professionalism and patience, I was able to get the flooring and look that I had imagined. I looked at a lot of suppliers, and there is no doubt Goodwin came out on top. I could not be happier with the service, pricing, and follow up.”

“We are constantly getting comments on how beautiful our floor is and everyone loves the story behind where the wood came from.”

“The heart cypress on the front of my entry way vanity is some of the prettiest wood in the world.”

“It looks like a million bucks!”

“My paneling matches the heart pine in the rest of my 100 year old house perfectly. It could have come from the same forest. Maybe it did.”

“We liked the floor in our living room so much, we decided to put one in our bedroom too. It’s a work of art. You’ll never see a more beautiful floor. ”

“From the first contact we found ourselves treated like friends rather than customers. As Mary told you, we are proud to show our beautiful floors to our admiring guest. We think of George and his company as friends.”

“I used your wood before and it turned out great. This time I thought the price was a little high so I explored several competitors. There was no match and I know from experience that you guarantee 100% useable wood.”

We could not have created this incredible space without the help of Goodwin Company. They provided the antique heartpine flooring we needed to complement the original flooring. We were able to save some of the original flooring and with their help, were able to create an amazing design that worked both old and new into a work of beauty.

“We are trying to be the best company we can be, and that doesn’t stop at beer. We want to protect the parts of Florida that we love. A big part of this is bringing our company’s concept of being Inherently Floridian to life by using the sustainably sourced and locally milled wood from Goodwin Lumber. This allows our patrons to experience our brand and what we stand to protect in our tasting room while enjoying one of our beers.”

Just a word of praise for your product. We selected Legacy Character floor for our new home. We moved into our new home August 2018. The warmth and richness of our flooring adds greatly to the craftsman feel of our Florida Home. You are truly an artist with rare wood. Our floors were installed and finished by Ability Floors in Orlando who brought out the best in your wonderful product.

“It was refreshing that Goodwin (located about 600 miles from us, and 600 miles from the job) did exactly as they said they would.  That hasn’t happened much in our rebuild, unfortunately.  Both my wife and I appreciated the time you took to work with us to get the treads right and reassure us, even though I know this was not a huge order for you.    Thanks again!”

“My wife and I purchased a 1920’s house that was in need of some serious TLC. We searched many flooring companies all over the country for flooring that would match the era of our house. On a trip to South Florida we visited the Goodwin Company facility and instantly found the flooring we wanted. The staff at Goodwin Company worked with us to find the flooring that fit our house and our budget – River-Recovered® Heart Pine Character. With the help of the staff at Goodwin Company we were able to install and finish the flooring ourselves. This was our first attempt at installing hard wood flooring and their insight and guidance was second to none. We could not have finished this project without their help.”
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