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Architectural and Design Uses of Antique Woods

How to Specify and Select Award-Winning Wood Products and Flooring

AIA and IDCEC approved for two (2) credits

Designers, Architects, Contractors and Qualifying Professionals Earn Two (2) CEUs

Here’s What Our Attendees Have to Say…

Carol is an amazing presenter and the most knowledgeable person about wood flooring that I’ve met. I highly recommend her course!” Carrie Richards, Gensler

Goodwin gave a wonderful presentation to our CSI chapter. Many commented that it was one of the best we’ve ever had.” Carey Hollingsworth, AIA, CSI

Learn how to specify and implement reclaimed and River-Recovered® wood into your designs. This virtually indestructible antique wood, often the requested product of choice for use in high-end homes, universities, government entities, libraries and historic building renovations, is the center of many award-winning designs and acclaimed architecture.

The rich history of our nation and ‘the wood that built America’ resonates throughout the centuries. From the caissons of the Brooklyn Bridge to Washington’s Monticello, the original virgin growth heartwood has stood the test of time. Hundreds of people walk on it everyday and it’s just as durable and beautiful as when it was newly installed back in the 1700’s and 1800s.

The ‘wood science’ behind such historic masterpieces is an art which many ponder, but few master. Grading differences, modern manufacturing and terminology often present challenges when assessing which wood and grade is appropriate for a particular project. Course objectives include:

  • Evaluating variations in grades and know what to anticipate when specifying antique woods
  • Comparing characteristics of reclaimed and antique woods with more available standing timbers
  • Understanding industry terminology and general definitions
  • Analyzing manufacturing variations to insure specs simplify installation
  • Learning techniques for reclaiming and reusing antique wood in the most efficient manner
  • Understanding installation and finish specifics for various uses to ensure long-term success of the wood products
  • Appreciating various design uses, from contemporary to traditional
  • Examining case studies of how to avoid the most common problems

At the conclusion of this course, you will be able to skillfully evaluate and select the perfect wood to transform your beautiful designs and restorations into awe-inspiring masterpieces!

We hold classes at our offices in beautiful Micanopy, Florida. We can also conduct a class at your office or site. Contact us for details.