Acclimation Anxiety!

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We are often posed with the question of how certain woods will adapt to a particular environment.  Climate change can present a challenge; however, a qualified installer will have no problem ensuring proper acclimation.  Our COO, Andrew St. James, Ph.D, is happy to explain:

“In the past, various time schedules have been the accepted standard for acclimation.  This included acclimation time onsite, and, at one point, there was even a specification for a certain amount of time in the general geographic area prior to installation.

Current best practice is to ensure the installation site, including subfloor, is at the correct moisture condition prior to your flooring delivery. Once you receive your flooring, measure several representative pieces of wood.  Proceed only when the wood has reached a moisture content near that which it will have during service.”

Are you an installer who would like to learn more about acclimation?  Feel free to contact us and we will be happy to discuss this with you further.  We also plan to offer National Wood Flooring Association (NWFA) installation classes and a NWFA finish certifier test this year. We would love for you to become one of our esteemed installation professionals!