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Antique Reclaimed Wood Stair Parts

Showplace or austere elegance, Goodwin can enhance your expression of design. We craft and stock an extensive selection of stair parts, risers, handrails, solid and laminated stair treads and blanks for balusters, rails and mouldings. They are available in any of our select wood species.

Goodwin offers solid and laminate heart pine treads

  • All stair parts and mouldings come in FAS or cabinet grade lumber
  • Treads are most often ordered untrimmed for installation onsite. We can, however, make a radius tread or attach returns for you if your stairmaker prefers.
  • Tread sizes: 4/4 x 11 ¼” x 3’, 4’, 5’ and up.

*We also have a stair parts chart in PDF and ZIP formats.


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