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Architectural and Design Uses of Antique Woods: How to Specify and Select Award-Winning Wood Products and Flooring

Presented By:

Carol Goodwin, CR, MCR
President, Reclaimed Wood Council
President, Goodwin Company

Today, you will:

  • Learn how to select old woods to create awe-inspiring new projects
  • Evaluate variations in grades and know what to anticipate when specifying antique woods.
  • Compare characteristics of reclaimed and antique woods with more available standing timber.
  • Explore various design uses, from contemporary to traditional.
  • Learn how to ensure true original growth woods are received and properly installed.
  • Understand industry terminology and general definitions pertaining to antique wood.
  • Analyze manufacturing variations to insure that specs simplify installation.
  • Understand installation and finish specifics for various uses to ensure long-term success of the wood products.

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Final Exam: Online

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