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Architectural and Design Uses of Antique Woods: How to Specify and Select Award-Winning Wood Products and Flooring

Presented By:

Carol Goodwin, CR, MCR
President, Reclaimed Wood Council
President, Goodwin Company

Today, you will:

  • Learn how to select old woods to create awe-inspiring new projects
  • Evaluate variations in grades and know what to anticipate when specifying antique woods.
  • Compare characteristics of reclaimed and antique woods with more available standing timber.
  • Explore various design uses, from contemporary to traditional.
  • Learn how to ensure true original growth woods are received and properly installed.
  • Understand industry terminology and general definitions pertaining to antique wood.
  • Analyze manufacturing variations to insure that specs simplify installation.
  • Understand installation and finish specifics for various uses to ensure long-term success of the wood products.

Take the Final Exam Online or Written

Final Exam: Online

You can take your exam online below.

    Take this short quiz and see if you belong at the head of the class. Instructions on earning CEUs are available upon completion.

    Online Exam

    1. Which pine tree produces the best heart wood for flooring?

    2. For heart pine to be considered antique how old was the tree when harvested?

    3. Why is antique heart pine considered the best?

    4. The more growth rings, the stronger the wood. Antique heart pine will have how many growth rings per inch?

    5. Why is kiln drying important?

    6. More than 100 years ago about 90 million acres of Longleaf forests were cleared. Some of the heavier and denser heart pine logs slipped loose from makeshift rafts and sank to the river bottom. Why is that considered good for us today?

    7. What building material is better for people and the environment?

    8. Select grain is the most popular grain pattern in wood floors and is achieve by sawing flat through the log. What does it look like?

    9. Vertical grain is achieved by using the quartersawing process. What does it look like?

    10. Curly grain is found in only one of every 300 to 400 logs. What does it look like?

    11. One hundred percent of heart wood means the beautiful color and strength will be consistent in a wood floor. Even 98 percent heart will have yellow sapwood streaks that produce an obvious color variation. What element makes heart wood strong, with a richer red color?

    Congratulations! You are to be commended for taking the time to learn more about the “wood that built America”—wood that will continue to provide beautiful flooring for hundreds of years to come.

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