Goodwin River-Recovered® Heart Cypress

The wood eternal is commonly over 1,000 years old

Heart Cypress is one of only a few remaining prehistoric species. Logged 150+ years ago and presumed lost, these original-growth Bald Cypress trees commonly lived to be 1,000 to 1,500 years old. They were the true giants of the southeastern swamps, towering over 100 feet.

Grade: Character

  • One of Only a Few Remaining Prehistoric Species
  • Antique River-Recovered® Heart Cypress Character grade offers more natural characteristics for added interest. It is uniquely fine grained and is perfect for paneling, ceilings, trim and any place you want subtle ancient beauty
Featured Projects:

Cigar City Brewing Taproom

Concept Companies Headquarters

Tampa Bay Visitors Center

Lexus Lounge at Amalie Arena