Health Benefits of Goodwin Wood Flooring

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While flooring seems an unlikely source of adverse health effects it’s important to consider your well-being when looking for new flooring. Carpeting, tile, and even laminate can be unsanitary and tough on those allergic to dust, dandruff, or pollen. We’re proud to say that Goodwin offers the healthiest flooring options on the market, even when compared to other wood flooring.

Sanitary and Hypo-Allergenic

Wood flooring in general is the most sanitary and hypo-allergenic flooring option on the market. Wood has no grout lines or loose fibers that can accumulate or hide allergens, bacteria, and dirt. Tile grout and carpet can amass these substances even after vacuuming and shampooing. Additionally, regular cleaning deteriorates carpet faster, and the carpeting will eventually need replacing. Regular gentle cleaning doesn’t harm wood surfaces, which can survive for centuries and increase a home’s resale value when properly cared for.

Increases Air Quality

Wood flooring increases air quality not only with the elimination of allergens, but by lowering carbon emissions. Living trees intake carbon and release oxygen during their normal processes. Wood is so good at filtering carbon that wood products will continue to intake and store carbon over its usable lifetime, even after being milled and finished.

Low VOC Finishes

Goodwin specifies using low-to- zero VOC finishes. VOCs, or volatile organic compounds, are gases emitted by certain paints, waxes, flooring finishes, and other such products for a period of time after they are applied. VOCs are known to cause all kinds of short-term and long-term health effects.

No Formaldehyde

Goodwin wood never contains formaldehyde. Cheaper engineered flooring may contain formaldehyde, even if they claim not to. Formaldehyde is often found in glues used in the creation of laminate and engineered flooring.

Natural Product

A classic look that never falls out of fashion, wood flooring matches every type of décor and can withstand changing trends and personal preferences. However, the physical appearance of wood is not purely cosmetic. As a natural product, wood brings the properties of nature to even the most concrete-filled environments. The health benefits of natural environments have long been studied, and research has shown that including wood products such as wood floors in the home can lower overall stress levels and lead to improved mental and physical health.

Here at Goodwin, we believe that flooring should always be beneficial to your well-being. If you’re looking for a healthier flooring option, visit us at or give us a call at 800-336-3118.

Have you experienced any health benefits since installing your Goodwin floor?  If so, we would love to hear about it.  Drop us an e-mail and tell us about it!