Take a look at this stunning Vintage Heart Pine Precision Engineered floor. It is crafted from reclaimed heart pine beams, so it has the same look and feel as a solid wood floor:

The original flooring installed in this home was white tile. Though it was stylish some time ago, the tile eventually looked dated. The classic look of antique wood, on the other hand, never goes out of style. With Goodwin’s engineered options, this homeowner was able to achieve the same beautiful, warm and rich look of solid antique wood.

Precision engineered flooring can be less expensive than solid wood flooring. The beauty in its design is that it can be easily glued onto a concrete slab. Some folks are apprehensive about using engineered flooring in their home of office spaces believing that it can’t be re-finished. This is simply NOT the case with Goodwin’s engineered products. Because our engineered flooring is crafted from the exact same wood as our solid wood floors and has a thick, 4mm, high quality, wear layer it can be sanded and re-finished two to three times over its life.

Can we interest you in a beautiful, custom crafted antique engineered wood floor? If so, give us a call!