A master class in modern contemporary design is on display in Ocala, Florida. Six hundred square feet of River-Recovered® Pecky Cypress 5-1/4” fill the ceilings and walls. The River-Recovered® Pecky Cypress is tastefully accented with a coat of white paint. The dining room and outdoor lounge display 415 square feet of Midnight Heart Cypress 5-1/4” feature walls. Goodwin Company River-Recovered® Heart Cypress warms you up throughout the home. As you walk up the stairs guided by antique Heart Cypress handrails you are presented with a stunning Pecky Cypress feature wall with a chevron pattern design.      

Ocala Kitchen and Bath Inc. made all of the custom cabinetry at the Ocala residence. The various colors of white are all custom colors.

The cabinetry made from River-Recovered® Midnight Cypress is the kitchen island, the floating shelves in the kitchen, the pantry, and the kitchen hood. Ocala Kitchen and Bath Inc. custom designed and engineered the island and hood.

Two-inch thick material is used to make the frame pieces for the sides and back frame. They are dowelled and glued then clamped together. They had been cut for a lap joint or rabbit joint to accept the tongue and groove 3/4″ thick pieces which are put into the frame and pinned and held in place by a batten around the frame as well. The end shapes are routed by hand. The same style end shapes are on the hood bottom structure as well to be able to repeat the design feature. Everything is sanded and hand sanded and made ready for finishing.

The door frames are mitered, biscuit jointed, and glued together. The center panels are laminated with lamellas. All the face frames are dowelled and glued. The backs of the doors have a mitered batten frame around the panel to hold it in place. The small leg details in the front of the island are made and put at the bottom toe space area. 

The hood is custom designed. The bottom section is 2″ thick material and the top section is built as a plywood shape to set on top of the base part of the hood. Dan Petersen of Heritage Wood Finish applied the lamellas. Dan and Jan Grosse of Ocala Kitchen and Bath Inc. chose the color combination and he glued them in place and sanded them. He also applied the lamellas to thin plywood panels sized for the cabinet door inserts.

Floating shelves are constructed with the Midnight Cypress and made to accept the LED lights flush on the bottoms. They have a top and bottom with a void for the wood mounting structure and fit like a sleeve. They have an open area for wiring. The faces of the shelves are mitered. 

The entire project is hand-finished with Woca Diamond Active Oil- Natural and then gone over again with Woca Diamond Active Oil- Concrete Grey to achieve the desired tone. 

The interior designer of this wonderful project is Jennie Holland of J Holland Interiors. Brandon Ferrer of Ferrer Construction is the General Contractor. Photography by Amy Lamb of Native House Photography.

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