Taking the Stress Out of Distressed Flooring

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Pros and Cons of Choosing This Rustic Option

Goodwin receives numerous requests for distressed flooring. We achieve this more “rustic” look by using various staining, scraping and contouring techniques on our already beautifully aged antique woods.  Some companies scrape newer woods to achieve this look, but Goodwin guarantees all of our solid flooring is at least 200-500 years old.

Goodwin’s Chief Operating Officer, Andrew St. James, discusses the advantages and disadvantages of choosing a distressed wood floor:


  • A well-made, precisely handcrafted distressed wood floor adds ambiance to any room of the house.
  • Distressed products are handcrafted to achieve a variety of interesting looks.
  • A lower grade of wood can be used, translating to some cost savings.
  • Genuine antique products (such as the wood used in Goodwin’s distressed flooring) possess a quality that is just not obtainable with newer wood products.


  • Finish wear is concentrated on high spots.
  • Distressed flooring can be more difficult to recoat or refinish.
  • When distressing options are applied by an inexperienced craftsman, the final product can look “fake”.
  • Some distressed flooring has repeated patterns, which is usually a result of low cost machine work.

Interestingly, the first saw George Goodwin owned actually left the “kerf” marks that have now become so popular today.  Any of Goodwin’s woods, pre-finished or unfinished, can be further distressed by our expert team of craftsman. The following four options can be combined with other marks:

  • Band sawn
  • Brushed
  • Sculptured Hand Scraped
  • Foot Worn Hand Scraped

Goodwin offers rustic and naily grades.  We can also leave in bolt holes independent of distressing.  These genuine character marks with their complex patina are nearly impossible to replicate artificially.

If you are interested in a distressed floor, please give us a call.  We will be more than happy to discuss your options and help you determine which distressing process best suits you.  Proper prep and installation is just as important the quality of the handcrafting.  Goodwin can also recommend experienced contractors qualified to prep, install and re-finish your distressed floor.