Move over silver, antique wood is the new standard for 25th wedding anniversary gifts. When it came time to choose the perfect gift, our Jeffrey Forbes had a vision of the gift he wanted for his wife Megan. Little did he know, the whole concept would soon “grow legs”. Jeffrey’s vision was expanded and crafted by the talented Jerry Yermovsky.

Megan has run at least 15 marathons. Double that or more when it comes to half marathons. And then there are the countless 5 and 10ks. So for their 25th wedding anniversary in April Jeffrey commissioned, Jerry Yermovsky, to design and make her a custom collector’s cabinet to display her many medals. This handcrafted piece is the stunning result. River-Recovered® Heart Cypress and Wild Black Cherry never looked so good together before!

Jerry Yermovsky has crafted so many different projects that have featured wood from the Goodwin Company!

Boxes created by Jerry Yermovsky