Jeffrey recently visited the beautiful Menil Collection in Houston, Texas.  This award-winning building was designed by architect Renzo Piano. Goodwin milled the 36,000LF of River-Recovered® Heart Cypress (sinker cypress) siding which was installed after the original modern growth cypress began to rot. Antique heart cypress is rot resistant, making it perfect for the outdoors. Goodwin was specified by Houston architect Jim McReynold.  Menil Collection was a 2013 recipient of the American Institute of Architects (AIA) 25-year award. Take a look:

The Menil Drawing Institute is on the rise behind the original museum and is scheduled to open in October of 2017. Goodwin is milling roughly 7000sf of River-Recovered Heart Cypress VERTICAL as siding for this building. The architects are Johnston-Marklee from Los Angeles, California:

Heart cypress siding is “in” and now is the perfect time to get your order in before the rush of the new year. Unlike new growth cypress, antique heart cypress / sinker cypress is rot resistant, so once it is installed, it will remain intact and beautiful for generations to come. Give us a call today!

Why is Antique Heart Cypress/Sinker Cypress Rot Resistant?

Bald cypress produces cypresene oil as it grows.  When it reaches around 1000 years-old, the cells of the heart wood are fully impacted by the cypresene oil.  Modern cypress, which is generally 45-50 years old, simply never has a chance to build up a heart full of cypresene. Now you know!