Interesting Facts About This Amazing Natural Resource

Luxury Solid Wood Flooring
Wood is one of the world’s most precious and versatile natural resources.  Although the advent of sophisticated manufacturing processes and man-made materials have lent to wood often taken being taken for granted in modern times, it is making a strong comeback!  Here are three interesting facts about this amazing wonder of nature:

1. Wood is our only renewable building resource.

It is good to cut trees, as long as we plant more.  About 10% of the world’s forests are certified as managed sustainably; however, most are in the Boreal regions, not the tropics where deforestation is the concern. Satellite data is now available that pinpoints where tropical deforestation is a problem, allowing governments to work together based on real facts to promote forest management. There are actually many community run forests, particularly in Central and South America, where the entire community manages its sustainably. It is imperative that we all work toward ensuring this renewable natural resource spawns plentiful new growth for generations to come.

2. Wood uses less energy and chemicals in manufacturing.

Manufacturing wood for commercial use is a very clean, concise process.  On the otherhand, brick takes four times the energy to manufacture than wood products.  Concrete and steel are no better, taking six times (concrete) and 40 times (steel) the energy. Concrete leaches a good bit of carbon dioxide and steel uses 24 times the chemical effluents of wood manufacturing.

3. Wood floors are the easiest to clean depending on your finish.

The most natural flooring is the easiest to maintain!  Just keep off the grit and avoid soap/oil/ammonia-based cleaners. When you do need to clean up drips and spills, sweep or vacuum without a beater bar, then spray a wood floor cleaner onto a terry cloth mop head to clean the area.  Check the ingredients of the products you are using. Some of the newer penetrating hardening oils are plant based with no harsh chemicals. They are generally simple to apply and can be more easily maintained than polyurethane. Polyurethane looks the best it will ever look the day it is finished. Oils get better looking over time if properly maintained. If you don’t want to do any maintenance polyurethane, then oils may be best. Ask for our article on ‘Which Finish Should You Choose for Your Reclaimed Wood Floor’ for more information or call us at 800-336-3118.

Investing in wood, specifically River-Recovered® wood, ensures you are using cleanest, most natural and versatile resource available.  Not to mention, its unrivaled beauty surpasses any man-made material on the market.