Heavy Roast and Heartpine

Heavy Roast and Heartpine Antique Longleaf (commonly referred to as ALL) is a pine grade that belongs to our Sustainably Harvested Renaissance Collection. The outer boards cut from our River-Recovered® Antique Heart Pine logs make this wood.   Similarities between ALL and other river grades are recognizable however, there are many differences. Antique longleaf is a great choice for accent walls and ceilings.

Very light yellows to golden yellows are tones that make up ALL.  Like other pines, sunlight exposure causes colors to deepen.  Commonly, color variations of blue/gray tones are apparent. At Goodwin, we refer to this grade as Antique Longleaf Blue Sap Stain.  “Indigo Pine” or “Denim Pine” are common names also associated with this wood.  Freshly milled, ALL is already versatile in color. Goodwin offers a variety of custom finishes that meet any individual’s needs.  Depending on the finish chosen, the board will adapt to those colors. The neat outcome of using a finish is the board will still show the initial color variations that were present in the natural wood.

ALL tends to display distinct arching patterns, similar to other select grades of pine.  Vertical patterns can also be sought after, but they’re generally found in narrower widths.

Although ALL boards are cut from river logs, the wood is not as durable and strong; this is due to the wood being a mixture of heartwood and sapwood throughout.  Normally, a river log will have 95-100% heart face, providing longevity when maintained properly.  With ALL being only 30-40% heart face, it is an excellent choice for walls, ceilings, and accents, but can also be used as flooring. Antique Longleaf is guaranteed to be an excellent statement piece and will turn heads.

Take a look at past Goodwin projects using Antique Longleaf: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fEXhVQ5JfO4 https://heartpine.com/flooring-selection/opus-coffee-house-7/ https://heartpine.com/antique-longleaf-heartpine-perfect-modern-home-office-spaces/



Heavy Roast and Heartpine