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Goodwin’s Environmental Mission

Good Stewards of the Environment

From old-growth trees felled during storms to wood rescued from properties and backyards, Goodwin is breathing new life into beautiful antique wood that otherwise would either be destroyed or sold for pennies on the dollar to mills not practicing sustainable or lean manufacturing. However, Goodwin’s environmental mission extends way beyond the “green” processes we use to recover and manufacture our products. Goodwin Company founder George Goodwin spearheaded the development of the Florida Deadhead Logging permit, which must be obtained by anyone desiring to recover logs from bodies of water in the state of Florida. Some of Goodwin’s “green” efforts and features include:

Goodwin’s Environmental Mission 1

Sustainable Wood

We are the pioneers of River-Recovered® wood, diving deep into rivers and surfacing centuries old logs lost long ago. We also connect with foresters and property managers throughout the country to rescue and sustainably harvest woods which we later use to manufacture our beautiful wood flooring and products.

Goodwin’s Environmental Mission 2

Green Manufacturing Processes

We use “green” processes which are proven safe for the environment, our craftsmen and our consumers. In fact, Goodwin’s products are some of the healthiest in your home.

Wood manufacturing in general is cleaner than other processes. Steel products emit 24 times the amount of harmful chemicals than wood product manufacturing. Concrete leaches a great deal of carbon dioxide.

Wood requires less energy to manufacture. Brick takes four times more energy, concrete six times and steel 40 times more energy to manufacture than wood.

Goodwin’s Precision Engineered floor uses only NAF (no added formaldehyde) glues to attach the face to the backer. The backer itself is a water-resistant plywood made with NAF glues to both be healthy and last for the long term.

Goodwin’s Environmental Mission 4

Florida Deadhead Logging Permit

Goodwin partnered with Florida’s Department of Submerged Lands and a host of environmental organizations to develop Florida’s Deadhead River Logging Permit. This permit specifies and monitors how the logs are to be recovered to ensure preservation of the underwater habitat. George Goodwin spearheaded efforts to develop this permit, traveling to the state capitol on numerous occasions to garner support from environmental groups and government agencies. For more information about this permit, visit:

LEED Credits

River Recovered® wood can achieve an Innovation & Design Credit for ‘innovative performance in a green building category not specifically addressed in LEED’.

Goodwin’s River Recovered® heart pine and heart cypress are considered pre-consumer and contribute one-half of the cost toward points for MR 4 credit(s).

Legacy, Goodwin’s building reclaimed heart pine, is considered post-consumer and contributes all of the cost toward points for MR 4 credit(s).

Goodwin’s Engineered wood flooring contributes to credits for IEQ 4.1 and 4.4. We use green-certified (CARB compliant) backers and no added urea-formaldehyde resin glue.

Projects within 500 miles of Goodwin generally receive the MR 5.1 or MR 5.2 points. The River Recovered antique wood comes from rivers close by Goodwin’s sawmill and the building reclaimed antique pine is often extracted within 500 miles of Goodwin.

Goodwin’s Environmental Mission 3

Summary of LEED Credits available with Goodwin Heart Pine and Cypress:

  • MR 4.1 – post-consumer for Legacy Heart Pine or ½ pre-consumer for River Recovered Heart Pine or Cypress receives 1 point if 10% or 2 points if 20% of cost
  • MR 5.1 or 5.2 – harvested and manufactured within 500 miles receives 1 point if 10% of cost of project or 2 points if 20% of cost of project.
  • MR 7. – FSC certified wood products by percentage certified; i.e., ‘mixed’ or ‘pure’, comprise 50% of wood building materials receives 1 point.
  • IEQ 4.1 – VOCs for wood floor adhesives limited to 100g/L
  • IEQ 4.4 – composite wood contains no added urea-formaldehyde resin


Goodwin remains actively involved with community environmental groups and various “green” advocacy organizations, including:

  • Local Forestry Task Force
  • Old Florida Heritage Highway Council
  • Longleaf Alliance
  • Association for the Restoration of Longleaf Pine
  • U.S. Green Building Council
  • Reclaimed Wood Council

Looking Ahead

Goodwin has applied for a joint biomass and solar project grant. The biomass plant would utilize our sawdust to power the dry kiln. Solar energy would power the sawmill, molder and cabinet shop motors. These “green” processes are becoming more affordable for small businesses. Goodwin is excited about possibly being among one of the first small businesses to utilize these avenues, which would power our operation almost entirely.