Grain: Mixture of mostly arching feathery grain with some vertical pinstripes; arching, swirling, feathery grain. Very dense growth with at least 8 growth rings and up to 80 per inch.
Knots: Few knots, none over 1¼”
Color: The patina of this warm wood evokes hushed whispers of lurid chocolate chestnut tones.
Heart: 100% heart face
Hardness: 690 on the Janka hardness scale, comparable to Douglas Fir


Width: ¾” x 2½”, 3¼”, 5¼”
Length: Flooring: 2’–12′ Paneling: 3’–12′
Kiln Dried: Yes to 6-8% moisture content. Test moisture content for job site region
Finishing: Our standard wood floor is unfinished. Pre-finishing with a micro bevel can be added. UV oil finish available.

Made in the USA

Goodwin River-Recovered® Heart Cypress

The wood eternal is commonly over 1,000 years old

Heart Cypress is one of only a few remaining prehistoric species. Logged 150+ years ago and presumed lost, these original-growth Bald Cypress trees commonly lived to be 1,000 to 1,500 years old. They were the true giants of the southeastern swamps, towering over 100 feet.

Grade: Midnight

  • Luscious Light to Dark Chocolate Tones, Colored by the Millennium
  • Our Midnight Heart Cypress is increasingly rare. It originated straight from the shadowy waters of the Savannah River. When General Oglethorpe laid out the port town of Savannah, Georgia in the early 1700s, antique heart pine and heart cypress were perfect for dock pilings. Heart cypress repelled water and insects and withstood the elements to become one of the building materials for the town
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