Grain: Blend of mostly arching with some pinstriped grain
Knots: Some varying size knots, none too frequent
Color: Luminous, vibrant color; yellow to red tones
Heart: 75-90% heart face
Hardness: 1225 on the Janka scale; comparable to red oak (1290) & 29% more stable


Width: ¾” x 2½”, 3¼”, 5¼”
Length: Flooring: 2’–12′ Paneling: 3’–12′
Kiln Dried: Yes to 6-8% moisture content. Test moisture content for jobsite region
Finishing: Our standard wood floor is unfinished. Prefinishing with a micro bevel can be added. UV oil finish available

Made in the USA

Goodwin River-Recovered® Heart Pine Character

Wood that was lost to the river bottoms on the way downriver to sawmills

Original growth Longleaf Pine in a character grade offers more natural characteristics for added interest. A blend of arching grain patterns and vertical pinstripes. Graded to include usable machine defects, face checks, cracks, and pitch pockets. Knots are variable. Some yellow sapwood tones, mostly red heart tones.

Grade: Character

  • Elegant arching grain with some pinstriped grain for more charm.
  • Antique River RecoveredⓇ Character offers more natural characteristics.
  • Some more frequent knots and color variations for a more casual appearance.