Grain: A blend of arching and vertical pinstriped grain
Knots: Few knots, none over 1¼”
Color: Luminous vibrant color, from copper to burgundy tones
Heart: 100% heart face
Hardness: 1225 Janka; similar to red oak in hardness


Width: 5/8″ x 5¼” & 7″
Length: 20″–8′ same average length as solid wood flooring
Kiln Dried: Yes to 6-8% moisture content; test moisture content for region Jobsite
Finishing: Our standard wood floor is unfinished. Pre-finishing with a micro bevel can be added. UV oil finish available Can be sanded the same as our solid wood floors

Made in the USA

Facts About Engineered Wood Floors

Goodwin’s PE wood flooring features 100% high quality and/or rare wood
on the face. Some lesser-quality engineered floors contain smaller pieces not
suitable for use in solid flooring. This results in a “chopped up” look. A high-quality engineered floor produced using full-size boards maintains the same
aesthetically pleasing look as a traditional floor.

Features of our Precision Engineered Floors

Goodwin’s PE floors are made from the same recovered and recycled wood as our
solid wood lines.

  • Each floor features a beautiful finish that wears well (also available unfinished)
  • Designed to stay flat with changes in humidity due to more layers above the tongue and groove
  • Earth-friendly reclaimed face, certified ‘green’ back, and low formaldehyde glues
  • More antique/reclaimed wood beyond the backer for a consistently tight fit
  • Lifetime structural warranty on the floor and 20 years on the finish
  • Made in the USA, assembled at our plant in Micanopy, Florida
  • Long lengths to look like a solid wood floor (mostly eight feet)
  • The wear layer can be sanded the same number of times as solid wood

Goodwin Precision Engineered

Looks and Lasts Like Solid Wood

Goodwin Company’s precision-engineered (PE) wood flooring is made from the same River-Recovered® and sustainable logs as our solid wood lines. Coated with high-quality, environmentally friendly products, PE wood flooring maintains a stunning finish for years to come.

Grade: Heart Pine Classic – Engineered

  • Made from the Same Recovered Woods as our Signature Solid Wood Lines. Looks and Lasts Like Solid Wood.
  • Precision Engineered wood floors offer discerning homeowners and building design professionals new options to install premium Heart Pine flooring in environments where solid wood flooring is impractical or not advisable.