Goodwin Legacy Heart Pine

Building Reclaimed Wood from the Industrial Era

This magnificent antique wood had marks of time to prove the boards have already played a significant part in our country’s rich history. Legacy has somewhat more frequent and slightly larger knots than River-recovered®. These coveted features occurred because the majority of the clear wood on the outside of the log was cut away to produce the legendary industrial revolution beam.

Grade: Vertical

  • Elegant Pinstriped Graining Creating Timeless Interiors
  • Antique Legacy™ Vertical Heart Pine tends to have fewer knots than Select because it typically takes a larger beam and some additional sawing to produce it
  • Features infrequent nail holes, average about 15 per 100 square feet. Slight nail staining adds rustic charm that blends perfectly with the reclaimed antique heart wood
Featured Projects:

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Texas Governor’s Mansion