Grain: A blend of arching and some pinstriped grain with some more coarse growth rings.
Knots: Varying larger size and more frequent knots than other grades of heart pine.
Color: Luminous, vibrant color; light red to tan tones
Heart: 95% heart face
Hardness: 1225 on the Janka scale; comparable to red oak (1290) & 29% more stable


Width: ¾” x 2½”, 3¼”, 5¼”, 7” and 9”
Length: Flooring: 1’–12′ Paneling: 2’–12′
Kiln Dried: Yes, 9-10% moisture content. Test moisture content for jobsite region
Finishing: Our standard wood floor is unfinished. Prefinishing with a micro bevel can be added. UV oil finish available

Made in the USA

Old Florida Knotty Heart Pine

A variation of Longleaf Heart Pine

This magnificent antique wood is still 400 years old +/- yet because it grows on the sand hills it can grow faster than the River-Recovered® that grew in the wet soil right behind the millennial giant heart cypress on the riverbanks.

The plantations where longleaf pine is grown try to control the undergrowth so that the longleaf pine can grow faster. The foresters do controlled burns. Controlled burning, also known as prescribed burning, involves setting planned fires to maintain the health of a forest. Because there is less competing foliage on the open ground the trees can develop branches down low and thus create more and larger knots.


A blend of arching and pinstriped grain with more knots

  • A mix of Select and Vertical grain gives the wood more character
  • Rescued from storm-damaged old-growth forests, these logs have more frequent and larger knots than heart pine that was cut over 100 years ago
  • Features a more casual look, a blend of arching and some pinstriped grain with luminous lighter red and light brown tones.
Featured Projects:
  • Matheson Museum in Gainesville, Florida.
  • Mandarin Museum in St Augustine, Florida built in 1898.