We all know popcorn ceilings were all the rage decades ago.  Today, however, people cannot wait to replace it with something more practical and eye-catching.  This was the case for a client who finally said that 16 years of popcorn was enough and ordered 700sf of our 3-1/4″ River-Recovered® Pecky Heart Cypress to adorn the vaulted ceiling in their foyer.  It is being installed as we speak:

We pre-finished this beautiful sinker cypress with a single pass of UV oil.  Ultimately, the room will sport crème colored walls and a collection of beautiful oil paintings. The final outcome will be quite impressive. We will post photos of the finished cypress ceiling when the project is complete.

These homeowners are repeat customers. Two years ago, they visited our showroom and purchased this lovely River-Recovered Heart Cypress Select slab to create this stunning kitchen island:

Looking to get rid of that pesky popcorn?  We can help you choose some nice sinker cypress to give your ceiling (and home) a fabulous new look.

Installation Tip

When working with pecky cypress, it is best to paint the surface a nice brown or even black shade so any pieces that might reveal the backer board show a similar color tone as the sinker cypress itself.