Traditional design never goes out of style. Across the American South, longleaf heart pine has been an integral part of the built environment for four centuries. From structural sills, beams, joists, studs and rafters to paneling and flooring, heart pine can be found in every style of home from the 17th to the 21st century. Heart pine is featured in every style of architecture from Colonial to Federal; from Victorian to Vernacular.

At its climax, the virgin longleaf forest boasted an estimated 92 million acres and was the largest contiguous ecosystem on the North American continent. Its range ran from Southeastern Virginia to Central Florida and then along the Gulf Coast to East Texas. It was the dominant species of tree in the South. Naturally, it was also the greatest source of timber for building. Highly dense, straight as an arrow and full of olio resin, heart pine was and is a prized building material for its strength, longevity, and resistance to decay. A walk through the historic homes of the South is a fantastic introduction to this species.

Heart pine is equally prized for its beauty. This modern built home nods to the architecture of an earlier era. Its wide and inviting veranda welcomes you on approach. Beyond the custom heart pine front door, we are treated to a step back in time through the many delightful appointments. In a wonderful twist that marries the traditional with the new, the elegant heart pine floor is a Goodwin Co. River-Recovered®  CLASSIC 7”, a modern precision engineered product. The luminous and vibrant color of the floor along with the cathedral arching grain gives a warmth to each space that says “home”, traditional home.

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