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Wild Cherry Wide Plank Wood Flooring
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Wild Cherry Wide Plank Wood Flooring
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Wood Floor

Whether you are designing a rustic retreat or warming up a commercial space, Goodwin’s antique woods add lasting grace and charm to any décor.

Did you know antique wood is one of the best insulators for a home or commercial space?  It takes 15″ of concrete to equal the insulation qualities of just one inch of wood. Wood paneling is also easy to install.

Contemporary or country; modern or historic – wood walls and flooring add beauty, interest and intrigue.  Our stock now includes a selection of on-hand milled inventory available for your next residential or commercial project.

Fall Special

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Old Florida

Old Florida Heart Pine, 5-1/4″

Curly Heart Pine Paneling

Curly Antique Heart Pine, 3-1/4″ & 5-1/4″

River Recovered Heart Cypress Vertical

River-Recovered® Heart Cypress Vertical, 2-1/2″ & 3-1/4″

Antique Longleaf

Antique Longleaf Heart Pine, 5-1/4″

Legacy Heart Pine Naily

Legacy Naily Heart Pine, 3-1/4″ , 7″ and 9″

River Recovered Heart Cypress Character

River-Recovered® Heart Cypress Character, 3-1/4″ & 5-1/4″

Wild Black Cherry

Wild Black Cherry, 3-1/4″ & 5-1/4″

Legacy Heart Pine Character

Legacy Character Heart Pine, 2-1/2″

River Heart Pine Character

River-Recovered® Heart Pine Character, 2-1/2″, 3-1/4″ & 5-1/4″

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