Legacy Heart Pine Character

Antique Legacy™ Character Heart Pine is the most rustic looking flooring Goodwin produces and is perfect for getaway cabins and retreats. Goodwin carefully reclaims this antique heart pine wood from vintage warehouse beams. It has frequent nail holes, staining, and some cracking and checking for a distressed appearance.

Grain: Mixture of arching and pinstripe grains along the edges of most boards with frequent nail and bolt holes, staining and surface checks. It has charming character marks valued by many designers today for it’s distressed appearance.
Knots: Varying knot sizes
Color: This special wood has a blend of the same grains and red tones as the River-Recovered® woods, but with some yellow sap streaks.
Heart: 75–90% heart face
Hardness: 1225 on the Janka scale; comparable to red oak (1290) & 29% more stable

Legacy Heart Pine: Character
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