Cool water perfectly preserves what are known as sinker logs, which lay on river bottoms for hundreds of years. These magnificent sinker cypress and sinker pine logs are considered to be buried treasure, because once recovered, they yield the richest patina of any wood.

Customers specify both sinker cypress and sinker pine for both commercial and residential projects. Sinker cypress is perfect for siding and paneling, while sinker pine can be milled into beautiful flooring and stairparts.

The video below illustrates how sinker logs made their way down to the river bottom centuries ago:

“The economical way to transport heart pine and cypress logs was to fashion them into crude rafts and float them to sawmills along southern rivers. Sometimes they extended hundreds of yards long. As luck would have it, these rafts would sometimes break apart. The logs would slip away down to the river bottom where they were perfectly preserved from oxygen and light by the cool water.”

Take a look at some of our projects using sinker cypress logs….

Another Sinker Cypress Creation 4

Another Sinker Cypress Creation

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Take a look at these beautiful, precision milled sinker cypress boards. We used them to construct nine benches for Bok Tower Gardens.