The Goodwin Company has weathered nearly 45 hurricane seasons here in North Central Florida. Each year at least a few folks end up with damage to their antique heart pine flooring. These destructive storms and particularly their associated flooding can wreak havoc on a home’s flooring, whether historic or new. If you have to repair or replace your antique heart pine floor, look to us and our many years of experience to assist you.

With a wealth of knowledge and expertise, the Goodwin Company sits in a place of authority when it comes to replacing your antique floor. Important to determine is the face grade of the original floor. The Goodwin Company works with its clients and their insurance companies to identify particulars like age, growth ring density, and knot frequency. Further, we can help to re-create the aesthetic of your original design by assisting in matching to any undamaged flooring.

Key West Home Restored After Hurricane Irma

Storm Damaged Wood Flooring Restoration of the Lakeview Condominiums 

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