We met up with Amy Lamb of NativeHouse Photography in Lakeland, Florida recently to shoot the new SVN Saunders Ralston Dantzler Real Estate office. The place is dripping with River-Recovered® heart pine and cypress supplied by the Goodwin Company. To boot, the office is an adaptive use project, saving yet one more Florida cattle field.

The building was originally designed by Gene Leedy, an architect known for unique features such as precast concrete and structural double T-beams. The remodeled building includes exposed original T-beams and an additional glass atrium on the front of the building. The new architectural design highlights its original signature features and adds modern flair. Marlon Lynn is the remodel architect and Gannon Olmbert of AO Construction managed the build-out.

It is easy to see why Saunders Ralston Dantzler Real Estate won the City of Lakeland, Florida’s Commercial Beautification Award for the month of June 2021. Converting the building from a mid century modern structure sitting vacant to its brand new self took a great deal of design and imagination. Interior wood appointments supplied by the Goodwin Company soften and anchor the voluminous, light office space.

The conference room features an antique engineered floor, a River-Recovered® heart cypress live edged slab table and an incredible pecky cypress wall. A credenza along the wall also harbors a large screen monitor that raises during meetings. A stunning executive office features an antique engineered floor and a River-Recovered® heart cypress waterfall slab desk. This one of a kind piece was crafted by artisan, Clayton Kiddey of Against the Grain Custom Woodwork. Clayton also designed and made the wonderful River-Recovered® heart pine credenza against the wall.

Read more about the project here .