Goodwin’s Wild Black Cherry is one of our most popular sustainable woods. A member of our Renaissance Collection, Wild Black Cherry is a sustainable wood we rescue from areas being developed and forests that have sustained damage from storms and other acts of nature. Goodwin is breathing new life into beautiful wood that otherwise would either be destroyed or sold for pennies on the dollar to mills not practicing sustainable or Lean manufacturing.

Our Wild Black Cherry has more figure and mineral streaking than standard cherry. Some key features of Wild Black Cherry include:

  • Deep pink to rich red brown tones
  • A blend of arching grain patterns
  • Some mineral streaking and considerable burled or lacy grain.
  • 98–100% heart face
  • Rare knots of less than 1½”
  • 950 on the Janka hardness scale; similar to teak

Goodwin’s Wild Black Cherry is available in both solid and precision engineered wood flooring and paneling. It is especially popular in coastal areas as seen here in a home on Cedar Keys Florida:

Photos courtesy of Mark J. Koper.

Wild Black Cherry is also nice for feature walls and accents:

Photos courtesy of Bos Images.

If you are wanting to add some character and charm to your home or office, then Wild Black Cherry may be just the wood for you.  Give our sustainable wood experts a call today!