Anna Maria, FL –  This historical island, just off the coast of Bradenton is making news with the first net zero energy campus in the US, The Historic Green Village. The five-building shopping center mixes retail and commercial buildings, old and new.  All buildings meet the US Green Building Council’s LEED platinum level.

Historic Anna Maria Island, FL

Historic Anna Maria Island, FL


400: Solar panels
$270,000: Cost of solar panels, with rebates
85 megawatt hours: Energy generated in 11 months
81 megawatt hours:Energy used in 11 months
12,000 gallons: On-site water storage capacity
$6,000: Cost of solar water heaters
$750 a year: Savings from solar water heaters
40%: Energy reduction from heat pump

The project, developed by Mike and Lizzie Thrasher, founders of Organix Children’s Food Company,  is all about “show and tell” about “how to have renewable energy in your life whether you’re a homeowner or a business.” Historic Green Village fits right in, tucked discretely among the island’s sleepy bungalows and beach shops on Pine Avenue.

Each building actually produces more energy than it  consumes. The entire development, scheduled for completion this fall, already meets two of the highest-ranking green building certifications possible — Net Zero and the U.S. Green Building Council’s Platinum rating for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design. The certifications were finalized in early May. Four of the five buildings are more than 75 years old, making this project a double landmark, historic and green!

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